About The Founder

Rashida Brown is a fashion visionary with a unique approach to her craft that has endeared to fashion enthusiasts. Growing up, she had a flair for fashion but aspired to be a fashion stylist. Rashida has worked professionally in the fashion industry for one year and is the founder of RJB apparel, a clothing line which brings timeless designs to contemporary lifestyle. It was also founded with the purpose of building confidence in girls and women. With an eye for quality, superior attention to detail, and unmatched creativity, her clothing line caters for both young girls and women of all sizes and age.

Rashida’s singular aim is to help women reveal their uniqueness and embrace their beauty through her collections. Her thoughtfully-crafted motto, “Be the Change I Want to See” shows that she is an exemplary person who is passionate about instilling positivity in the minds of others. Ultimately, her mission is to build Godly confidence in girls and women by providing products that inspire, educate, uplift and push them into true beauty which only lies within.